and we serve up the newly released RSD LIST for dessert!
Oh, and where we can obtain it, you can listen to the FULL release. Or, you can listen to the 25-song playlist to hear the very best that T-BONES has to…
As always, it gets a little LOUD in the end. Although there is always (we hope) something for everyone.
and hey, if there are any doubts about us following all the others, merely go back and read the old reviews.
We lost count. But rest assured there are still even more great records coming at you this week.
Everyone tell your Mom "Hi!" Tell her we said "Hi!" too
Nights are not depleted in any way, shape, or form - plenty of music for all times of day, even sleep!
We saw our shadow and it whispered "We want more hard rock."
will make your record collection SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT! (also, Happy Birthday to Dean of Music Critics -- ROBERT CHRISTGAU!)
Like the restaurant here at T-BONES, we are serving up EVERYTHING this week.
with 17 releases (1/5 of the total entertainment available) for your perusal
Go forth and celebrate!